November 2007




Gongzhen – Sport in Art | Moca, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
From  November 10 to December 9 in Shanghai
The exhibition will travel to Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Chengdu
and Beijing for the opening of the Olympic Games 2008, it’ll end in Hong Kong for an auction organized by Sotheby’s.


Bissextiles is Electronic Shadow’s last interactive installation, a metaphor around the 5 rings, the waves intertwine and print a universal rhythm. The image, the sound and the water drops, controlled by a computer are synchronised and compose a rhythmic ballet. The visitors take part to the movement of the contemporary clepsydra.



DIGITAL SPACE | Digital Art Museum, Berlin
From 17th November  to 18th  January 2008

Vibrations | Ex-îles

After an exceptional presentation in the Amiens’ Cathedral, Ex-Isles changes its scale and takes the shape of a miniature. The piece will be presented in the DAM gallery in Berlin accompanied by another installation “Vibrations” created in 2007




Show-Room S.T.Dupont | Paris
From October 2007


In the context of the Space/Image art direction mission that Alain Crevet, president of S.T. Dupont gave them,  Electronic Shadow has designed the brand new panoramic showroom presenting the identity and universe of the brand that celebrates its 135th birthday and its renewal.




Double Vision Tour | Udine, Toulouse, Caen, ...
31 October, Udine | 24 & 25 November, Caen | 28 November, Toulouse/ St Orens 

After beautiful presentations in Japan and Korea, Double Vision comes back to Europe.




SOON 3 | France, international (Thanks to Céline Caumon and Sandrine Maurial)

+ Formes de Luxe (FR), Elle Décoration (FR), Vision (CHN), France 3 (FR), ...


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