Interactive Water and image Fountain Clock


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GongZhen, Sport in Art, Exhibition for 2008 Olympics
Curators: Gilles Dyan, Ante Glibota, Kerstin Bergman, Joanna Chevalier
Exhibition sponsored by Adidas

- Shanghai: Museum of Contemporary Art MoCA
Nov 3 Dec 2, 2007

- Guangzhou: Museum of Guangzhou Art Academy.
Dec. 15 - Jan 13, 2008

- Nanjing: RCM Gallery
Feb. 22 - March 23, 2008

- Shenyang: Museum of Lu Xun Art Academy
April 12 - May 11, 2008

- Chengdu: Sichuan Fine Arts Museum
May 24 - June 22, 2008.

- Beijing: Today Art Museum
July 19 - August 26, 2008 (Olympic Summer Games end Aug. 24)

- Hongkong: Auction by Sothby's
September / October


The Olympic Games’ flag was designed by Pierre de Coubertin and adopted in 1914. It symbolizes the universality through the crossing of the five continents during the time of the games. Each ring represents a continent, the five intersected form a non-geographical space conceptually where they all are dependent while becoming a single continent, which they were million years ago.

What was only one quadri-annual appointment, each bissextile year, became a daily reality for the communities which cross much more easily in new non-geographical spaces, virtual communities, and dematerialized links which are as many bridges between all these islands.

Bissextiles is an interactive installation on this renewed topic of the link between the men, beyond the continents, such as it is symbolized by the Olympic Games and their five intermingled rings, in a common ocean, appears of a new imaginary and utopian geography. The other major topic of this installation is the memory of water and the universal vibration. These waves transmitted in nature, on the ground and in the
universe exceed any geographical and political containment; they spread and cross, waves of the televisual transmission of the plays but also waves on unknown scales which maintain the universe in a whole.

A totally original system of fountain controlled by computer lets run water in this basin, drop by drop or in jet, at five points, in the center of the five rings, producing waves in the water, these drops are synchronized with sound and image to produce a contemporary fountain and water clock.

production: iDEALiD sarl / Adidas

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