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Du 8 au 25 Avril 2004
Roubaix Phare Textile - Lille 2004
La Piscine
Museum of Art and Industry

The Bride is a dress which takes life by the image, marriage of the matter and the light, memory of the body on a leather skin.
In permanent change, the dress passes by various states.
Support of creation born of the drawing and the light, it becomes inhabited then dresses before becoming simple matter and disappears to reappear in an unending cycle.

The scenoraphy made up of a cube of 4m, opened on a face, sharp red outside, dense black inside, constitutes a real ECRIN of the dress placed on a black reflecting base.

After i-skin (2000) and the écharpe communicante (2001),
the Bride is the third collaboration between Electronic Shadow and Crstof Beaufays, fashion designer.

Exhibition curator : Alice Morgaine
Joël Andrianomearisoa
Isabelle Ballu
Crstof Beaufays and Electronic Shadow

  © Electronic Shadow 2004