Chaud et Froid
Interactive lightning scenography

Show-Room Cassina
236 boulevard St Germain, 75006 Paris - January 2005

“Warm and cold” is an artistic home automation system designed by Electronic Shadow in order to take control of a real space through virtual images. The principle is to merge electronic world with the old electric one using the oldest and simplest home network, the electric network. Through this network, the system send very simple orders such as on/off or variation of electricity, so the light and electrical devices can be controlled trough a computer interface. In “Warm and Cold”, the interface is a metaphorical image, that the user can touch to change and control the space.

Introduced for the first time in a Parisian design show-room for the famous Italian design brand Cassina, the system proposed different lightning ambient, from warm, all red, to cold, all blue. Between those two extremes, different patterns and gradients create lot of different configurations. During the day, the computer launches the different lightning configurations following a scenario evolving with the time of the day, the whole space changing regularly according to it. In the space, a large glass wall became the heart of the intervention. Using about 100 coloured neon, with horizontal and vertical gradient, controlled through different channels, the whole space became a lighting playground for the main program, developed in a real-time 3D software that make corresponds each real light to a virtual one, so the program knows what light is on or off and can totally control them such as they were virtual.

In the space, the tactile screen displays a transparent real-time 3D heart, moving on an animated texture background that correspond to the different ambient. There is one animated texture per ambient, all natural elements filmed and transformed with CG: heavy fire, light fire, snow, ice, water …
When someone touches the heart, its shape changes and so does the animated texture. At the end of the transformation, the lightning ambient has totally changed on the 4 levels of the store according to the image. The space’s light becomes an extension of the image which reflects it.

The system uses also the existing lights in the space and as it used the electric network, no additional system had to be installed, just automation interfaces in the electrical panel and directly with the space’s power plugs. At the end, it is also totally transparent and no one feels the technology totally integrated into the walls, so the transformations become like magic.

This project is part of our hybridization between space and image, introducing a new approach of the house automation for a more complete control of the physical space and new relations between space and image. The space becomes as easy to change as an image and the image becomes more immersive.

Linking image with light ambiance, also allows to imagine a whole series of new interfaces, erasing the idea of button and remote control to go back to much more natural and poetic interfaces, using elements and gestures.


Conception, realisation: Electronic Shadow
Special developments : Leïla AIT KACI
production: iDEALiD sarl

Thanks to Cassina's Showroom team


Chaud et Froid et 3minutes² sur France 5 dans "Question Maison"
sur le thème de la maison du futur
le 1er Janvier 2005 à 11h + rediffusions


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