Bastide du Jas de Bouffan
Museographic Multimedia Display

Cézanne 2006 - Aix-en-Provence
Until December 2006


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2006 is the 100th anniversary of the death of one of the most important French painters, the link between 19 th and 20 th Century, Paul Cézanne. For this occasion, the painter's city, Aix-en-Provence decided to open to the public for the very first time in history the House of the painter, the legendary Bastide of Jas de Bouffan.

 The grand salon of this Provencal House is also the first workshop of Cezanne. We were asked by the City to give life to this very special space by applying our knowledge of hybrid reality to tell the story of Paul Cezanne in his very own walls. Our proposition was to let the space in his state with the visible layers of the past and add the images as a new layer, revealing the past through an invisible technology.

The public enters into the dark room by small groups. Some pieces of furniture are covered by white sheets. Two video projectors fill half of the room with a 180° image, perfectly fitting to the structure of the room and furniture. The animation immerge the audience into the life of Paul Cezanne, beginning with the early years of Cezanne, when he used to paint directly on these same walls.

 This project represents a new way to merge heritage and technology, past and future…

“Cézanne in his walls” uses Electronic Shadow 's knowledge on hybrid reality, merging a physical space with images created especially for it. In this project, the space already exists and has a very important value; this is a historical space where the images become a new layer in the history of the place.

Two video projectors are placed on the hook that was holding the large and heavy lighting and cover 180° of the room, walls and pieces of furniture. On one single and powerful PC, the 3D real-time space fits perfectly to the actual physical space, due to complex deformations. The room becomes an immersive media. The guide launches and stops the animation through a simple remote control.

As the space becomes a media, this proposition offers many perspectives in the field of museums and heritage. Instead of creating separated spaces for media, the media are merged into the historical walls, telling their story and offering new kind of perception on history and art history.


Conception and realisation : Electronic Shadow
Scientific direction : Bruno Ely
Production :
Mission Cézanne 2006,
Ville d'Aix-en-Provence,
Office du Tourisme d'Aix-en-Provence
Executive production : iDEALiD

  © Electronic Shadow 2005 2006