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Creation and first exhibition :
Milano Salone

show-room Boffi, via Solferino, Milano (IT)

For the 70th anniversary of Boffi
From April 11th to 18th, 2005


Focus is an interactive installation about fire. Wild fire, sacred fire, domestic fire, fire is the element of energy and transformation in a endless cycle. Focus presents a cycle of fire, from its birth to its extinction and its rebirth, in between, flames, embers, smokes are an echo to the sun.

On the ground, an interactive surface invites the visitor to discover the parallel cycle of Focus, the domestic one. Indeed, by staying on this surface, the sets changes, such as the space lightning. By his presence, the visitor takes part to the fire domestication, the spark of civilisation, industry and culture: light, energy, creation.

Focus is composed by several vertical panels and a ground surface where interactive images are projected. Several lamps are also synchronised on the image and take part to the main space ambient.

Focus is exhibited for the first time in the main Boffi’s show room in Milano, during the furniture fair, and for his 70th anniversary. The installation is exhibited in parallel to H2o, interactive installation about water, and explores again the closer relations between art and design, light and material, nature and technology.

Conception, realisation : Electronic Shadow
Naziha MESTAOUI et Yacine AIT KACI

Production: iDEALiD / Boffi

Made with Virtools

Thanks to Boffi, Happy Birthday !

  © Electronic Shadow 2005