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Superfluidity mobile particule
Use your smartphone as an interface
(compatible all os)
>> sf.electronicshadow.com

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Using the mouse, place the crosses on the grid so that they resonate. When you want to create a new layer, confirm that you just created and then you climb up one level in the column that is formed as.
Around the layer you create, other layers are created in real time by other users, represented by their IP address. The entire column is visible to all users online.
Mouse | Move on the grid

Clic | put/retire a cross on the grid

Enter or V | Validate a layer


Arrows | Move the camera

I & O | Zoom in & out

Key C | Dive inside the column


Cross up left | solo/multi mode
About the piece
Superfluidity is an interactive multi-user in the form of a virtual interactive 3D real-time, visible online or through one or more physical(s) installation(s), all operating in a network. The visual environment is proposed to create a kind of sentence sound that will overlap with others in a collective space in perpetual construction.

Superfluidity features responsiveness and speed of the network in a envirronnement without visquosité pervasive, invisible, light and absolute. It is a metaphor of the quantum state of matter, known as a superfluid, which transmits information at any point on its surface and without any time limit by a total absence of friction. This condition leads to the relocation of particles, which means that information received by a particle is immediately transmitted to all remote particles. The vision of the quantum field refers to the changing social relations brought about by electronic networks, the hyper speed of the flow of information and extreme lightness of the structure that follows, virtually a virtual absence of visquosité. Each individual particle of a whole, is part of a whole, provided it receives forward.

Superfluidity is a collective that can be seen in real time by all visitors who log on. Logging in, visitors can both go and influence the space and seeing the changes made by other visitors. The physical installation is connected to the same environment and receive real-time interaction of all the visitors online.
About Electronic Shadow
Electronic Shadow. Naziha Mestaoui, architect, and Yacine Ait Kaci, multimedia creator. The complementary skills of the founders of Electronic Shadow express their project: the fusion of built space and digital imagery in a context where 'the size of habitat keeps getting smaller while the surface of screens keeps getting bigger' (home cinema). With Electronic Shadow, architecture becomes a reality expansible to infinity, a support for interactive projection in which the interface or focal centre remains the inhabitant or the visitor, an organic being of flesh, blood and imagination.

Because if it is tempting to resort to prospective vocabulary that is always intimidating (cyborgs, hybridization of virtual and real, digital avatars,...), installations by Electronic Shadow use elements that are archaic and universal before anything else and inscribed in the tradition of the image painted or transfigured by light or living space. Perhaps it is in magic, in other words concealed technology, that we should look for ways to understand the trans-disciplinary approach of the tandem: art, architecture, design and live shows. Realms of action in which the stakes in play remain the same: magnify the real while hiding technique, the 'thing' that thrills the spectator-user.

Aligning their production to fundamentals - on one hand artistic creation, on the other, the everyday application of research in the traditional context of commissions for architecture, design or scenography, Electronic Shadow mount art-work exhibitions all around the world (MOMA, New York Pompidou Centre & Espace Electra, Paris, Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, MOCA, Shanghai...) as well as innovative propositions.

It is in this spirit that they will be 'illuminating' the Frac Centre in 2010, in collaboration with architects Jakob & MacFarlane, following a competition that promotes light and image as the key components of contemporary art and architecture. Electronic Shadow produced two live shows, one with dance (Double Vision with Carolyn Carlson, 2006) and one with Music (Futurinô with Rinôçérôse, 2009).

Electronic Shadow received The Grand Prize of Japan Media Art Festival, a Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica and several Trophies at Laval Virtual.


Launch of Superfluidity

with the review AMUSEMENT N°4

Online access by RFID - 2009


Exhibition Electronic Shadow

Visions Hybrides

Mérignac 17 to 28 march 2009

>> Reportage France 3


Festival Scopitone

Nantes 16 to 20 september, 2009

>> http://www.scopitone.org/


Salon de l'Hôtel de Ville

Paris December 2009

with Cap-Digital / Le Web 09


L'Eclaireur Room Book Chap. 2

40 rue de Sévigné, Paris 3

may, 2010